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Custom Plastic Components

Our principals cover all aspects of plastic requirements:

  • Small precision components
  • Large structural components 
  • Functional user-interface parts
  • Decorative plastic
  • Medical certifications
  • Automotive certifications

High Pressure Injection Molding

Alliance Precision Plastics is the single-source for injection molding solutions. From mold design, tooling, and injection molding, to full-service assembly, Alliance delivers the skill, experience, and advanced technologies needed to meet today’s most demanding job requirements with expert precision. Alliance’s in-house capacity and superior expertise allow it to deliver quality products and component parts quickly, accurately, and economically.

Alliance has a 4,000 square foot clean room for some of the most challenging medical applications and up to 1,000 ton capability for some of the biggest molded parts.

Low Pressure Structural Molding

Horizon Plastics International is a leader in structural foam/structural web manufacturing processes. Established in 1972, Horizon Plastics services both industry giants and small entrepreneurs. Products produced by Horizon Plastics include children’s toys, building products, industrial components and environmental products, to name a few.

Horizon Plastics produces plastic parts using two low pressure injection molding processes, Structural Foam and Structural Web. Plastic parts made using the Structural Foam technology have a cellular or structural core, surrounded by dense outer skins which combine to give the parts a high strength to weight ratio and up to twice the rigidity of solid parts of the same weight and material. Structural Web molding is a low pressure injection process used to produce plastic parts where hollow cross sections, varying wall thicknesses, an improved cosmetic appearance, and a superior stiffness-to-weight ratio are important considerations for the final part design and functionality.

Horizon Plastics is headquartered in Cobourg, Ontario and has an additional manufacturing location in Mexico.

Blow Molding

Millet Plastics in Lebanon, PA has over 80 blow molding machines installed in seven sites that can produce containers up to 100 L by continuous extrusion, and your technical parts by accumulation.

Co-extrusion, over-molding, stamping and automatic cutting are just some of the techniques that our teams use to breathe new life into your ideas!

Complex tanks, pots, packaging and engineered chemical fluid containers are some of the products produced by Millet Plastics.

Two Shot Molding

When your products require the functionality of multi-material molding, two-shot molding is the best solution. We know the art and science of multi component molding. We run all kinds of resins from stiff Acetel and Glass-Filled Nylon to styrene and olefins. Our dual injection processes can help the look, the cost and the reliability of your designs.