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Medical Products

The most trusted medical brands in the world turn to the sales reps at L&B Worldwide to help provide solutions to their biggest challenges.  From patient care products that need to stand up to the harshest cleaning chemicals in a hospital environment to wearable devices that need to be fashionable and functional we have unique solutions and processes to get the job done.

Patient Care

Clean room molding and ISO 13485 are required for most invasive medical applications, our principals have both. In addition, we have experienced medical packaging, assembly and experience to give you and your patients peace of mind.

Home Use

Home use medical devices is a growing market. As point of care moves away from clinics and hospitals and into the patients home, we have the experience and expertise to provide quality device components with a more consumer form factor. You can trust us to help you design and develop your next product.

Wearable Devices

As hospitals encourage more mobility, the patients require more compact devices. We are proud to be involved in some of the most cutting edge wearable medical devices in the market. We would love to learn more about your next wearable medical device.