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Automotive Components

Automotive components are one of our fastest growing markets.  We represent custom component sales to the major OEMs and Tier 1s out of factories in USA, Mexico, Singapore and China.  We are involved with interior components, engine parts, chassis components and auto accessories and anything from infotainment systems to engine brackets.


L&B represents our principals at some of the finest automotive manufacturers in the world. From In-Mold Decorated trim, user interfaces and dashboard displays to electronics that power devices and control infotainment, L&B has the interior of the car covered.


Whether it is a Metal Injection Molded engine component or a sheetmetal stamped bracket, the fine work of our principals can be seen under almost any hood. From castings to machined components, we provide the absolute best globally competitive automotive part solutions.


Aluminum is king when strength and light-weight are top priority. From a highly fabricated aluminum extrusion to a cast component, we have solutions to help meet the mpg demands of today and tomorrow.


L&B represents our principals at some of the largest, most innovative customers in the world for anything from vehicle electrification stations to aftermarket accessories. We offer value and quality that are unmatched in the market.