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Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

From agriculture to recreation utility vehicles we are involved in the design, development and production of custom parts that provide rugged and robust performance.  OEMs from agriculture, bus and recreation rely on our principals to get them top quality components for their most challenging projects.


When products need thick gauge laser cut steel or light weight aluminum extrusions or even decorated branding, the principals at L&B Worldwide provide exceptional quality, engineering support and on-time delivery to support your team’s toughest products. We have over a decade of experience working on some of the heaviest equipment in the world. We understand your challenges and know what it takes to be a key supplier.


From light towers to generators, we provide parts that see some of the harshest conditions in the world. Manufacturers in North America come to L&B Worldwide principals to lightweight, strengthen and engineer the next generation of construction equipment parts.


We have solutions when you need the most rugged parts that stand up to the elements. We are ready to discuss how anything from the graphics on your products to the plastics on your body can become indestructible.