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McAlpin Industries is a diversified precision metal working company that provides a variety of services to the telecommunications, computer, business machine, office equipment, medical, heavy transportation, voting equipment, electronic, warehouse management and automotive sectors.

Our vertical integration of services provides our customers with a multitude of flexible manufacturing options based on volume, cost, and delivery.

We have assembled an exceptional team of technical experts who are qualified to assist customers through every phase of production. The blueprint for our success is our knowledgeable staff – ranging from our high-level engineering department to our manufacturing supervisors and quality experts. We strive to offer our customers Total Metal Working Solutions for each new project.

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TotalMetalworking Soluitions

McAlpin Industries has the latest cutting and forming technology to guarantee your product’s success. We have two Amada CNC Turret/Laser combination machines capable of processing material up to ¼” thick and recently added a 4KW Mazak Flying Optics Fiber Laser providing fast cutting speeds for materials up to ¾“thick. Offline programming capabilities and lights out operations maximize the ability to move parts through the plant quickly and efficiently.

We also continue to invest in the latest press brake technology to deliver on accurate forming of critical part features. Several of our machines have new precision systems and back gauge controls to ensure the toughest parts are formed to the accuracy required. Our new equipment allows us to program offline in order to maximize the ability to produce your parts efficiently and on time.

Robotic Welding

The engineering and manufacturing team at McAlpin Industries has extensive welding backgrounds to address the most complex welding assemblies. Our cross-functional team designs and ensures each welding process is certified to meet your specifications.

Our robotic MIG/TIG welding capabilities can be demonstrated in over 10 different robotic welding cells to help improve the accuracy and efficiency of the production process for your parts. We also have expertise in designing and building many fully automated fixtures that guarantee consistent dimensional and welding quality.

Engineering (DFM)

McAlpin Industries’ strength is assisting you throughout the product development process. We can help engineer, provide ideas in design for manufacturability, and deliver quick turnaround prototypes throughout each phase of product development.

The engineering and manufacturing teams at McAlpin Industries have broad experience in fabricating complicated parts from many industries. We have in-house engineering and tooling capabilities to be able to develop and execute your most difficult sheet metal parts. For more information on our capabilities, contact us today!

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